High Park wonderland

One of the most magical places in Toronto has to be High Park and the best time of year to absorb the gorgeousness of this place is fall (~October-November). It’s the largest public park in the city with hiking trails, jogging/cycling tracks, beautiful lakefront, children’s play areas, swimming pool, dog park, mini zoo and so much more. Each breath of the crisp clean fresh air here makes you feel calm and peaceful. It is even more beautiful this time of year because of the vivid fall colors. Shades of green, yellow, orange and red swept across the park. I upgraded my phone and managed to get some pretty good shots of the place. I’m gonna let the pictures do the talking.




The mini zoo at High Park has some variety of cattle, deer, reindeer, peacocks, emu and some more smaller animals. Very well fed and maintained I must say.


As I walked along the pathway running through the mini zoo, a squirrel decided to check my bag for food. I was checking a picture on my phone when I felt something climb up my left leg. I got so startled and jumped with a little squeal! Then I saw this little guy staring up at me and my bag hoping for some food. I felt sad but unfortunately I had nothing to offer. I did try a pine cone but he didn’t seem keen on it. It was the cutest thing!


Every few steps I wanted to capture whatever I saw cause it was just so pretty. I reached a place where I saw a sign board that read ‘Off the leash dog park’. Those magical words drew me to this spot in the park with 2 little gates that open only one way. There were around 10 dogs with their respective humans frolicking around playing fetch. Absolutely carefree, happy and bouncy! I said hello to a few of them and then made my way towards the exit as I was pretty tired and a long way from home.

I had walked around for 7.5 kilometers in there that day and still not covered parts of the park. More for next time!






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