The Christmas Market

This Christmas will be my first outside India, away from home, family and friends. On the positive side (in the true spirit) it will be my first Christmas in a new country, hopefully it will snow and give me a chance to experience a white Christmas that most of us in hotter countries dream of seeing someday. Christmas is in the air in Toronto right after Thanksgiving. Decorations, lights, Christmas trees, sale, Christmas colors and fragrances all around. Winter of course has slowly set in and it does get really cold sometimes and a light snow fall now and then.

The Christmas market is held at the charming cobble stone-lined Historic Distillery district. The market is open for a month leading up to Christmas. Entry is free on weekdays from Tuesday to Thursday, Friday to Sunday the tickets are CAD $6 and the market remains closed on Mondays. Looks like a visit to this place is going to become a yearly Christmas time tradition for me.


Beautiful subtle lights, little kiosks of food, handmade ornaments, chocolates, yummy warm beverages, art galleries, boutique stores and a happy glow on everyone’s face. It’s heart warming to see the love and affection in the air here and cold only helps people cuddle up with their loved ones now and then.


Some of the kiosks were selling designer items from clothes to ornaments and trinkets. A bit on the pricier side I enjoyed simply window shopping. Came across some interesting stuff that made everyone smile 🙂


IMG_4032-COLLAGE I did buy myself a creamy grilled artisan cheese sandwich which I chomped on while enjoying the carol singing and sights. The market also had some beautiful restaurants and bars for a cozy date or just a dinner with friends & family.



Right in the center of the market was a beautiful big Christmas tree along with a countdown to Christmas day light. I constantly had to duck and walk to avoid photo bombing people’s lovely pictures.


I headed to the beverage counters for something warm to end the evening with. There was some amazing mulled wine and European style cocktails, so I picked up a hot chocolate with cherry Vodka & whipped cream. One thing to keep in mind is that it is an open air market and does get quite cold so make sure you layer up before heading there, especially with good winter footwear. Happy December everyone!




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