The Happy Place

A team off-site at my office took us to ‘The Happy Place’. The only way to describe this place is a bunch of room designed with bright colors so that you can get vibrant pictures for Instagram. We have come to a time when happiness is being described as getting good pictures for social media, so much so that we actually build a physical place exclusively for it and sold it to unsuspecting people for a whopping $32 (plus tax)! As you enter here you first meet with 2 giant shoes made of yellow M&Ms. You could pose however you feel most social media worthy with these shoes and click pictures. Before leaving the room don’t forget to collect the tiny paper cup with 3 complimentary M&Ms.


Next you enter into a garden-ish patch of fake marigolds where you could pop in from beneath a platform and pose again. I didn’t even find it social media worthy hence no picture. From here you enter into what appears to be a kid’s upside down bedroom. I think they wanted to go for an illusion of sorts when you click at certain angles (which were impossible to find). I even tried sitting with my feet up in the air but it just ended up with a very happy-exorcism-of-Emily-Rose kind of picture.


Then you come to some spaces I couldn’t really explain. So there is a glittery tiny mirrors, bunch of white plastic chains hanging from the ceiling and a yellow ducky room with a yellow bathtub. The queue for the yellow ducky room was so long we didn’t bother.


If you’re a fan of boomerang or slow-mo videos, this next room is, well, just ok for it. a lit platform with confetti on it which you could sweep up in your hands and toss around while your friends try to capture you in motion.


Then comes a space with a pair of giant red lips and the word HAPPY in huge alphabets for your posing pleasure.


At the HAPPY sign you start to get a whiff of one of the most comforting smells there is, fresh baked cookies. You enter into a room with a big chocolate chip cookie. You could open he chocolate chips like little doors and stick your face in there so that it seems like you were baked with the cookie. You walk out of this room with…that’s right, a tiny paper cup with 2 cookies the size of quarters.


Now the part that looks as much fun as it is. I have always wanted to jump into a pool of something other than water. Here I got the chance to jump into a tub full of yellow plastic balls, which was fun, but I think I should stick to water in the future.


Next to the tub of yellow balls is a transparent dome with confetti flying around inside. Of course, point not seen here. And just like that we spent around 45 mins in The Happy Place and left with some Instagram worthy pictures (apparently) and 32 dollars (plus tax) lesser. Now you know where else to waste a little extra cash.







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