The One of a Kind Show

Local artists of all kinds display their wares under one roof at the One Of A Kind Show, Toronto. Held at the Enercare Center, Exhibition Place, Toronto, this event happens twice a year and I got to experience the winter edition this year.  

Names of artists decorated at the entrance of Enercare center

The show brought back memories of my soap making days back in India when I would put up a stall for my homemade beauties. A slew of handmade skin care products was a sensory delight.

Handmade soaps, shampoo bars, body butters and much more

The most strikingly beautiful stall were of the painters from around Canada. Some artists had the most amazing captures of sights from Toronto and i hope to hang one of them in my home one day.

Art on the walls

Hand crafted jewelry was a major attraction here. I know of many people who buy only from select artisan jewelers and their collections are simply delightful. From large and chunky to petite and delicate, there jewelers had them all. 

If you’re looking to add some unique pieces to your kitchenware this might just be the place for you. Creatives dishes and containers made out of all kinds of materials from wood to ceramic to glass. Also, I discovered that you could have dishes exclusively for baguettes. 

A very interesting stall that I came across here was of a man you made fold-able art out of paper. You could buy them as flat sheets in various colors and fold according to instructions and get yourself a pretty little show piece. This guy even had a quaint little Instagram corner decorated with his folded paper art which was quite clever.

Folded paper comes to life

Oh, how could I miss the candles and chocolate stalls. There were so many and boy did I get a sugar rush after trying all those free chocolate samples! The range of aroma candles in regular wax and bees wax for every mood and occasion was mind boggling.  These would make perfect Christmas presents and you may even get some for your home.

Chocolates & Candles

Pop culture references in decor and art was also a hit here. Most of which was not familiar to me but I could understand how these items would make a wonderful collectible or just a funky addition to ones home. 

It’s the Pop

My key takeaway from the One Of A kind Show was the abundance of creativity and appreciation of such talent and skill. It’s a great place to come back to each year to see some unusual and beautiful things.

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