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The Santa Claus Parade 2018

This year’s Santa Claus Parade in Toronto was the largest the city had ever seen and the very first for me! The rush of Christmas-ee joy all around was absolutely amazing. Stunning, creative costumes in every color imaginable.IMG_3109-COLLAGEMarching bands getting their groove on with heart thumping beats.IMG_3113-COLLAGEAnd elaborate displays from corporate and government bodies alike. Everyone from Ronald McDonald to Bumble Bee to Pokemon made an appearance. The grand finale was Santa himself who wished everyone the merriest Christmas.IMG_3139-COLLAGE

UBSS6935-COLLAGEThe crowd had gathered early in the morning with sleeping bags, camping chairs and the works to catch a good view of this 2.5 hour long parade. Good tip to keep in mind for next year. It sure was freezing this time around and since we were not moving around much it was getting more and more difficult to click pictures cause my fingers were frozen. Overall it was a day well spent and I think I’m going to make this my yearly ritual.